CCGrid Symposium Series Steering Committee Minutes

May 16, 2001, Brisbane, Australia

1. Introduction

CCGrid'xy is a new millennium and equal opportunity global symposium sponsored by IEEE, CS, TFCC, ACM, SIAM, and many govt./industry/business organisations. The two other meetings that merged with CCGrid from 2001 are: CC-TEA 1997-2000 (that was held with PDPTA in Las Vegas) and Asia-Pacific International Cluster Computing (held with HPCAsia2000 in Beijing). The first symposium in the series held in Brisbane, Australia, second scheduled to be held in Berlin, Germany and the third one in Tokyo, Japan. We have expression of interest for hosting CCGrid 2004 symposium from Spain.

Minutes/Summary of the CCGrid symposium series Steering Committee (SC) members meeting that was held on May 16, 2001 in Brisbane, Australia along with CCGrid 2001. We discussed symposium mission, topics, organizational issues, program and associated special events, sponsors, and future conferences, CCGrid 2002 plan presentation, and CCGrid 2003 hosting proposal. The meeting was coordinated by Rajkumar Buyya.

Members Present:

     Rajkumar Buyya, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia 
     Jack Dongarra, University of Tennessee (UTK) Knoxville, USA 
     Wolfgang Gentzsch, Sun Microsystems, Palo Alto, USA 
     Hai Jin, University of Southern California, USA 
     Craig Lee, The Aerospace Corporation, Los Angles, USA 
     Satoshi Matsuoka, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
     George Mohay, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia 

Special Events Organisers and Sponsors present:

     Bruce Maggs (Carnegie Mellon University and Akamai Technologies, Inc., USA.)
     Franck Cappello, Universite Paris-Sud, France 
     Spyros Lalis, Foundation for Research and Technology, Greece. 
     Barrett Bryant, University of Alabama, USA
     Hubert Busch, ZIB, Germany (representing Alexander Reinefeld and CCGrid 2002)
     Wayne Kelly, QUT, Australia (CCGrid 2001 local chair)
     Ming Xu, Platform Computing Corportion, Canada

Members Absent:

     Mark Baker, University of Portsmouth, UK 
     Toni Cortés, Universidad Politecnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain 
     Ian Foster, Argonne National Laboratory, Chicago, USA 
     Alexander Reinefeld, Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB), Germany 
     Albert Zomaya, University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia 

2. Mission Statement -- "An Equal Opportunity Global Conference"

The CCGrid symposium series serves as a major international/global forum for presenting and sharing recent research accomplishments and technological developments in the field of cluster and grid computing. The particularly emphasis will be placed on the use of cluster and grid systems in scientific, industrial and commercial applications.

The symposium highly encourages participation of researchers, developers, and users from academia, industry, laboratories, and commerce. The conference features leading authorities in strategic technologies as keynote speakers to set/drive an agenda for the future of research, products, and applications.

3. Discussion

The following things related to conference organisation have been discussed:

  1. Call for CCGrid Hosting Proposals and their contents
  2. Guidelines for organization
  3. CCGrid Papers - regular papers (8 pages) and if required short paper (5 pages) in proceedings. Authors will have a possibility of purchasing up two extra pages.
  4. CCGrid Special Events - Workshops and Special Sessions Workshops (6 pages) papers in proceedings if papers are fully refereed and selected competitively.
  5. Poster Papers Sessions (No printed proceedings, but there can be web-based online proceedings)
  6. Research Demo Session along with Posters Session

For a detailed guidelines for each of the above, please see:

4. CCGrid 2002 Ogranisation Plan

Hubert Busch, ZIB, Germany who is serving as the CCGrid 2002 Finance chair has presented organisation plan along with local attractions and festivals likely to be held in during the symposium period. For full details, please see:

The 2nd CCGrid symposium is scheduled to be held May 21-24, 2002, Berlin, Germany. The plan was highly appreciated.

5. CCGrid 2003 Hosting Proposal

On behalf of Japanese team, Satoshi Matsuoka presented their proposal for hosting CCGrid 2003 symposium in Tokyo, Japan. For full details, please see:

A tentative date for holding CCGrid 2003: 4 days out of May 11-15th in series, 2003 right in the middle of Tokyo.

The members present at the meeting have offered many positive comments. When informally asked to vote on Japanese proposal for hosting CCGrid 2003, all members have supported it and Japanese proposal wins--Tokyo is to host CCGrid 2003! Congratulations to Japanese team.

6. Industrial Supporters Comments

Our Industrial Sponsors/Donors have expressed satisfaction with symposium management and technical program including Industry Track organisation. They mentioned that they will be happy to associate with our future conferences. They expressed concerned about returning any surplus from the industry sponsored money to sponsoring organizations like IEEE. It is felt that such surplus can be spend and carried forward for future conferences or used for covering expenses related the steering committee or sponsoring few scholarships for students from underdeveloped countries for attending future conferences.

7. CCGrid 2003 and Beyond

The CCGrid symposium mission is to serve as "An Equal Opportunity Global Conference". We invite expression of interest and proposals for hosting sympsium from all over the world. All proposals need to be presented during the Steering Committee meeting to be held every year along with the years' symposium. The members of SC committee selects competitive proposals to ensure the success of conference.

We have an expression-of-interest for hosting CCGrid 2004 symposium from Spain and Switzerland. They are likely to submit full proposal and present during the SC meeting to be held in Berlin along with CCGrid May 2002.

8. CCGrid series Internet Domain -

Jack Dongarra raised issues related to registrations of CCGrid series domains and their expiry dates to avoid suddenly loosing symposium domain name. Rajkumar Buyya answered that domain name has been registered for 5 years and he is taking care of responsibility of renewing registrations at appropriate times and maintain the main site with links to past, present, and future sites. We have registered and to avoid cyber squatters registering them and hosting some unrelated things.

The meeting ended with the steering committee congratulating George Mohay and his team, particularly Paul Roe and Wayne Kelley, for organising outstanding infrastructure, technical and social programs.

CCGrid Symposium series Contact:

Please submit experssion-of-interest or proposal for hosting future CCGrid conferences to the CCGrid'xy series steering committee (SC) coordinator:

The SC members will review your proposal. You are also expected present your proposal during SC meeting where decision on your proposal will be made. Note that the SC meeting will be held during one of the days of upcoming CCGrid symposium.