High Performance Cluster Computing : Architectures and Systems, Volume I

By Buyya, Rajkumar (editor)

(HAS Moreinfo) First Page of Chapters in Chinese (From the Chinese Version of the Book)

Preface : page1, page2, and page3

Part I: Requirements and General Issues 

Chapter 1: Cluster Computing at a Glance 
Chapter 2: Cluster Setup and its Administration 
Chapter 3: Constructing Scalable Services 
Chapter 4: Dependable Clustered Computing 
Chapter 5: Deploying a High Throughput Computing Cluster 
Chapter 6: Performance Models and Simulation 
Chapter 7: Metacomputing: Harnessing Informal Supercomputers 
Chapter 8: Specifying Resources and Services in Metacomputing Systems 

Part II: Networking, Protocols, and I/0 

Chapter 9: High Speed Networks 
Chapter 10: Lightweight Messaging Systems 
Chapter 11: Active Messages 
Chapter 12: Xpress Transport Protocol 
Chapter 13: Congestion Management in ATM Clusters 
Chapter 14: Load Balancing Over Networks 
Chapter 15: Multiple Path Communication 
Chapter 16: Network RAM 
Chapter 17: Distributed Shared Memory 
Chapter 18: Parallel I/0 for Clusters: Methodologies and Systems 
Chapter 19: Software RAID and Parallel Filesystems 

Part III: Process Scheduling, Load Sharing, and Balancing 

Chapter 20: Job and Resource Management Systems 
Chapter 21: Scheduling Parallel Jobs on Clusters 
Chapter 22: Load Sharing and Fault Tolerance Manager 
Chapter 23: Parallel Program Scheduling Techniques 
Chapter 24: Customized Dynamic Load Balancing 
Chapter 25: Mapping and Scheduling on Heterogeneous Systems 

Part IV: Representative Cluster Systems 

Chapter 26: Beowulf 
Chapter 27: RWC PC Cluster 11 and SCore Cluster System Software 
Chapter 28: COMPaS: A Pentium Pro PC-Based SMP Cluster 
Chapter 29: The NanOS Cluster Operating System 
Chapter 30: BSP-Based Adaptive Parallel Processing 
Chapter 31: MARS: An Adaptive Parallel Programming Environment 
Chapter 32: The Gardens Approach to Adaptive Parallel Computing 
Chapter 33: The ParPar System: A Software MPP 
Chapter 34: Pitt Parallel Computer 
Chapter 35: The RS/6000 SP System: A Scalable Parallel Cluster 
Chapter 36: A Scalable and Highly Available Clustered Web Server 

Thanks to Dr. Hai Jin and his Team--they scanned the first page of all chapters.