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Journal of Supercomputing

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Special Issue on

Cluster Computing using High-Speed Networks

Cluster-based computing has become an area of serious interest due to the availability of high-end workstation class processors and high-speed networks as commodity components. High performance computing over networked computers is increasingly gaining popularity leading to commodity supercomputing. Computer applications are increasingly making use of multimedia contents rich with data, voice and video. To support cluster computing with multimedia traffic, the networking architecture, which is at the backbone of cluster computing paradigm, needs to support efficient transportation of voice and video in addition to traditional data types at very high speed. Several high speed networking technologies, e.g., Myrinet, Gigabit Ethernet and ATM networks, have emerged in the recent years. The aim of this special issue is to bring together survey and original work from both academia and industry on issues related to cluster computing with high speed networks.

Topics of Interest include (but not limited to):
  • Cluster Hardware Configuration
  • ATM based Cluster Computing and Wide-area computing
  • High-Speed Networks and Protocols 
  •  Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Programming Environments and Tools 
  • Cluster Management and Administration
  • Cluster Middleware Infrastructure 
  • High Availabality Computing Architecture
  • Single System Image 
  • Applications of Clusters
  • Job and Process Management
  • Performance Analysis and Evaluation
  • Submission Guidelines:

    Submissions should include a cover page with authors' names, affiliations, addresses, fax and phone numbers, email addresses. Please submit full papers, not previously published or submitted for publication elsewhere, not exceeding 15 single spaced pages , to electronically (postscript or pdf). Please also send a separate email with authors' names, addresses, fax and telephone numbers, title and abstract of the paper. Hard copies should be sent only if electronic submission is not possible.

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    Important Deadlines:
    Submission Deadline : December 15, 1999
    Notification of Acceptance : March 15, 2000
    Camera Ready Due : May 15, 2000
    Publication of the Issue : 3rd Quarter, 2000

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