A Microkernel Based Operating System for PARAM 9000

High performance computing requires the use of massively parallel processing systems containing thousands of powerful CPUs. Every node in these parallel systems requires an operating system (radically different from current ones) to manage its resources. To meet this requirement, we have developed an OS kernel called PARAS Microkernel for the PARAM family of parallel systems (being developed by C-DAC) based on state-of-the-art microkernel technology. It supports most essential services such as process, memory, and interprocess communication management. In the design of the PARAS microkernel, we have adopted the philosophy of migrating traditional operating system services into user-level processes. It removes the concept of using application ignorant systems and allows the user to build subsystems suitable to the application. Various subsystems such as CORE, PVM, and MPI layered on top of the PARAS microkernel have demonstrated the simplicity and extensibility features of this design approach.

Keywords: Microkernel, MPP, PARAM, PARAS, IPC, subsystems.

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Appeared in: The 4th International Conference on Avanced Computing, 1996.