GUI Based Shell Commander in Java

Organizing and managing files and directories is one of the most frequently used operations in any operating system. These operations can be performed efficiently and conveniently by using tools, which increase user productivity. However, on most of the operating systems these operations are performed by using command line interface, which is difficult to learn and use and they are operating system specific. Hence, there is need of a tool, which allows to specify these operations using point-and-shot method and shortcuts. The tool must be portable across all platform providing consistent interface i.e., having the same look and feel, on all hardware and software platform. The shell commander developed by us in Java is one such tool which effectively leverages features of Java—imaging and multithreading.

Now-a-days much importance is given to smooth user friendly interface. Graphical User Interface (GUI) acts as an interface between the user and the system. The Java Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT) continues the portability goals of the language. It provides a single windowing user interface on systems with widely different native window systems. It does this in a clever way by supporting only the functions that are common to all window systems. In this paper, we discuss a tool, shell commander, which effectively uses Java features, and its object-oriented architecture, design, and development.

Click here to download the Shell Commander Paper (which is in Postscript format).

Click here to download the Shell Commander Package (which is in tar format).

Appeared in: The 5th International Conference on Avanced Computing, 1997.