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BOF @ SC'99 Conference

Oregon Convention Center
777 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.
Portland, Oregon, USA


BOF: The IEEE Task Force on Cluster Computing

Nov. 17, 1999
Wednesday 5:30pm
Room C 120/121/122


Computing with clusters of computers has been around for a few decades. Recently, however, it has become a hot technology with cluster products emerging across the world of computing. But what exactly is a cluster? What are they used for? How should a programmer write software that can take advantage of a cluster? In 1999, the IEEE Task Force on Cluster Computing was formed to address these and other cluster computing issues. You can learn more about the task force at TFCC web site. At this BOF, we will introduce the task force and lay out our strategy for advancing the impact of cluster computing. Representatives from a diverse range of cluster computing interests will present their views on clusters and lead what are expected to be lively discussions.


1. Intro. to the BOF: 2-5  minutes, Tim Mattson
2. Intro. to the TFCC: 10 minutes, Rajkumar Buyya
3. The White Paper: 10 minutes, Mark Baker
4. Panel - where clusters are going and what's needed.
    Moderator: Mark Baker
    a. Vendor point of view (Tim Mattson): 10-15 minutes
    b. Integrator point of view (Greg Lindahl): 10-15 minutes
    c. Research community (Thomas Sterling ): 10-15 minutes
5. Open discusssion - 30 minutes

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the TFCC BOF.


Tim G. Mattson (
Intel Corporation, USA

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