Microprocessor x86 Programming

BPB Publications, New Delhi, 1995
Pages: 703


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Architecture of 8086 
Chapter 2: Assembler Directives 
Chapter 3: 80x86 Instructions 
Chapter 4: Assembly Language Programming 
Chapter 5: Software interrupts in C 
Chapter 6: Interrupts and Interrupt Service Routines 
Chapter 7: Numeric Coprocessor 8087 
Chapter 8: IBM-PC Architecture 
Chapter 9: Advanced processors 
Section II 
I) Assembly and C programs using DOS services 
chapter 1: Console Output 
Chapter 2: Console Input 
Chapter 3: Printer Output 
Chapter 4: File Operations 
Chapter 5: Directory Operations 
Chapter 6: System Date and Time Manipulation 
Chapter 7: Command Line Arguments
II). Assembly and C programs using BIOS services 
Chapter 1: Console Operations 
Chapter 2: Printer Operations 
Chapter 3:Disk Operations 
Chapter 4: System Configuration 
Chapter 5: Device Operations Control 
III): Advanced Assembly Programs 
Chapter 1: Arithmetic operations 
Chapter 2: Data Conversion, Series Generation and Computation 
Chapter 3: Searching and Sorting 
Chapter 4: Matrix Operations 
Chapter 5: Recursion 
Chapter 6: String Operations 
Chapter 7: Data Structures: Linear and Non-Linear Structures 
IV). Programming with 8087 Numeric Coprocessor 
Section III 
Chapter 1: Reference : DOS Interrupts 
Chapter 2: Reference: BIOS Interrupts 
Chapter 3:Question Bank ASCII Table 
Glossary Bibliography 

What the Press says (review in the Express Computer):

It is a comprehensive book thanks to the exhaustive work put in by the authors. It is a good book to recommend to diploma and degree engineering students of electronics and computer engineering. The book is not for novices and those without an engineering background.
Matrix operations and recursion in assembly language are featured very prominently and those topics are not reasonably covered in similar books.